photovoltaico maintenance

Renewable energies are a huge resource for our planet. They allow us to lead our modern lives without compromising the future. The huge amount of photovoltaic plants installed in Italy thanks to public incentives, has made it possible for Italy to make an unbelievable leap forward in the production of clean energy. KRK Energy Service have been working for years in the renewable power industry, and we are motivated by a great passion for Photovoltaics. Since 2012, we have focused all our skills on PV system maintenance and we have become one of the nation’s leading companies in the maintenance of PV systems. We currently manage about 200 systems for a total of more than 40 Megawatts.


photovoltaic panel electroluminescence

This inspection can detect exactly how electrons work (or do not work) inside a photovoltaic cell. This enables us to evaluate with exact precision the real conditions of a PV module. For years, this type of analysis has been the prerogative of module producers. Here at KRK Energy Service, we have organised a lab space where we can analyse the images produced by radiations coming from the cells when electricity runs through them. The result obtained is an exact “scan” of the PV module.


photovoltaic thermography

PV modules are the most important link in the energy production chain, and a PV module maintenance company must have thorough knowledge of all its components. They absorb photons and convert them into direct current (DC), and therefore their role is key to the good functioning of a system. Many malfunctions can be spotted during maintenance of the PV system, and specifically thanks to a thermography inspection of the PV modules. Through this inspection we can spot faults that would not be visible to the naked eye, such as failures in a bypass diode, or any power loss due to PID


Photovoltaic maintenance contracta

Maintaining a PV system means monitoring the functions of the system daily, and stepping in before any issues arise. The PV systems operate 365 days a year, and as the seasons change they suffer great stress. We offer our clients yearly maintenance contracts tailored to their individual needs. The amount of work can be configured according to the client’s needs and after a thorough analysis. KRK will offer you the best-suited service depending on your PV system.


photovoltaic performances analysis

While carrying out maintenance, it is important to compare periodically the real production of the PV systems with the project estimates, in order to pay off the investment in the set timeframe. There are several levels of analysis that focus on specific areas of the system in need of high-level IT, administrative and electrical skills. Our reports are prepared by highly skilled engineers and contain analysis and evaluations concerning all areas of the PV system.


GSE and Enel support

Owning a PV system implies bureaucratic responsibilities. Liaising with GSE, ENEL, AEEGSI and Agenzia delle Dogane (Customs) can be stressful, as it requires great technical and administrative knowledge. KRK can look after this side of business, managing all claims, deadlines and communication with the required bodies. Thanks to our up-to-date knowledge in this area, we can also act promptly with regards to any required certification or new regulation, such as the recent A70 adjustments.


ENEL bill Savings

Our consultants will advise you on how to save on your bill by analysing it and optimising the terms of your contract with the electricity suppliers.

PV system Warranty

PV system warranty

Our team will assist you with your return claims for any component installed on the system.

Roof-mounted Systems

roof-mounted pv systems

Our “ENERGY SERVICE” gives you the peace of mind of knowing that your system is monitored and efficient. Service and administrative support timeframes are guaranteed.

System Testing

pv power trials

We use specific tools to test PV modules and inverters. Take full advantage of our services, should you need to make a claim under warranty.