This is the most common kind of PV system. Each system has its very own characteristics, which vary from roof to roof. The output is affected by several factors; these are roof inclination and facing, type of overlay (tiles or sheet), and finally any nearby issues that may affect the cleaning of PV modules (such as agricultural land or factories).

Having an efficient photovoltaic monitoring system is key to keep momentary power under control and to keep a record of produced energy. If you are monitoring a PV system 365 days a year, like KRK do, this will guarantee you a better service.

Preventative maintenance to PV systems is extremely important, and it is one of KRK’s main focuses. Focusing on maintenance means that we can prevent most faults that could arise after a PV system has been operational for a few years.

During preventative maintenance we carry out the following checks:

  • - Module inspection;
  • - Thermographic inspection on a sample of PV modules;
  • - Switch panel in parallel string performance test;
  • - Inverters test;
  • - Connections test;
  • - Supporting structures inspection;
  • - Auxiliary services test and LT/MT switch panels check;