Rooftop and ground-mounted large-scale systems need a high level of care and attention. There are many potential hazards, and some of them do not involve only the plant but also complementary services such as the alarm system, video monitoring, greenery maintenance and pest-control. Also, let’s not forget the huge amount of paperwork that needs to be prepared yearly in order to keep your system up to standard. KRK Energy Service are specialised in providing highly professional, tailored service, and all-round solutions for the needs of large-scale PV systems.

In order to keep the performance of a large-scale system constant, scheduling regular routine maintenance and servicing is very important. More regular services mean less energy loss. Scheduling regular servicing is one of our top priorities, and thanks to our staff’s skills we can reduce the chance of faults on the system to very low percentages. Detailed thermography inspections, electroluminescence testing for PV modules, I-V curve data analysis and cleaning of PV modules are some of the activities always included in KRK’s maintenance contracts.

Every system is monitored 24 hours a day to allow prompt intervention in case of failures that may lead to a decrease or a halt in the electricity production. Our monitoring systems are programmed to send out different kinds of alarm signals, and our engineers implement their functioning every day. This is to rule out the possibility of false alarms that in the long term can lead to an alteration of the alert threshold on a certain component.

We keep our clients updated on all interventions that take place on their PV system. It is important for us to involve our clients with our quality system, so that we can tailor our activities to their specifications. Our engineers produce personalised monthly reports for every system. These include pictures, statistical data, graphs and a record of technical repairs, PV modules cleaning and greenery maintenance.

Our committed approach and professionalism in PV system maintenance means that on signing the contract, we give you guaranteed levels of availability both for system faults and performance. These guarantees are our “declaration of intent” for the duration of the contract.

If your system is ground-mounted, you need to make sure that grass and other vegetation are not too high and do not overshadow the modules. KRK can look after the green spaces around your PV system with non-invasive work that will not leave airborne particles on the modules.