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PV System maintenance

photovoltaic system maintenance

Maintenance of PV systems is at the heart of what we do. Our company is highly skilled and completely committed to keeping PV systems of different size and kind efficient.

Thermography Testing

PV Thermography Testing

PV modules are a system’s most at risk element. The stress to which they are exposed can sometimes cause small faults that cannot be seen with the naked eye. Thermography imaging helps us spot faults that otherwise would not be found.


PV panel electroluminescence

Electroluminescence testing for PV systems enables us to certify the conditions of a module with absolute precision. Years of experience and on-going training mean that we can provide our clients with a detailed diagnosis of the conditions of their systems.

Savings on Bill

Savings on Bill

Often, in order to operate all the necessary devices, larger PV plants require auxiliary power units. Choosing the most convenient contracts can help optimising costs.

Bureaucratic Assistance

Consulenza burocratica e gse fotovoltaico

Laws and regulations, procedures, dealing with Public Administration. KRK can take care of everything and give their clients the peace of mind of not having to worry about the bureaucratic side of their system.

PV System Adjustments

PV System Adjustments

During the last few years, a few compulsory adjustments aimed to PV systems have been issued. KRK is always up-to-date on any adjustment or regulation, giving our clients peace of mind in knowing that their system is compliant with regulations.


PV Insurances

A PV system is an important investment, and as such it needs protecting from any potential hazard. Thanks to an agreement with the leading insurance providers, KRK Energy Service can offer you the best solution for your insurance needs.


PV Monitoring systems

If an event may cause loss of efficiency in the performance of your PV system, and an efficient monitoring solution is in place, an email or text message is sent to the owner, so that he can respond and repair the fault promptly.

Cleaning PV modules

Pulizia pannelli fotovoltaici

Weather, dust and other elements may soil your PV modules. While this shouldn't damage the modules themselves, the system may slow down its energy production by as much as 50%. The solution...



Clients who subscribe to an ENERGY SERVICE plan will be granted free access to a private area where they will find records of maintenance work carried out on their system, relevant documentation, monitoring and especially...

Repairing Scheuten Modules

solexus junction box

We are among Italy's first class providers of repairing services for Scheuten panels with Solexus Junction Box. Our solutions do not require installing a new module, and they are completely safe and time-effective.

PV System Testing

PV System Testing

Have you installed your system a few years ago and would you like to know if it is still performing as it used to? KRK has all the required skills and tools to produce thorough reports on your system’s performance.

Integrated Services

KRK provide their clients with a series of options to give them a complete range of services.

Website Integration
Integrazione con siti WEB

Would you like to show your web visitors that you are producing clean energy? Our expert can show you how to integrate a monitoring system with your web pages!

Maintenance of Green Spaces
Manutenzione del verde

Does the grass in your photovoltaic field need frequent mowing to be kept at the right level? KRK have got the right solution: quick and cost-effective, and you'll forget about having to mow the lawn!