energy bill savings

The savings is in the details

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A photovoltaic plant of medium size can generate annual costs, derived from ancillary services and contrattiali charges that added up can be considered important. Analyzing the bills may arise in situations that could be optimized to achieve savings in the bill. It 'important to contextualize in lower costs to the actual needs and uses.

How You Can Save

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An example of how to save money is to take advantage of the facilities for auxiliary cab consumption, or search for the best energy on the market price (always keeping as a priority the quality of service). Our experts also analyze the adequacy of the parameters (power demand, power surges, time slots etc.) Against actual historical data.

Experience and expertise in energy savings

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The professionalism of our employees, for years in the field of analysis of energetic behavior, made it possible to successfully present more than 300 different projects related to interventions that have generated savings from renewable energy sources. KRK Energy Service uses the most competent professionals.

Auxiliary services

It is important to save energy with a photovoltaic system but it is equally important to save on auxiliary services that are used for its operation. Contact us and we will help our experts that will help you optimize your energy bills!