Insurance for Photovoltaics

The insurance for photovoltaic power


Photovoltaic systems are by their very nature exposed to weather elements every day, 24/7. Surely, having a trustworthy PV maintenance company is the best way to guarantee a constant output throughout the years. Unfortunately there are times when unpredictable events can compromise the integrity of your PV system. KRK advice is to entrust only those insurers that can offer a solution tailored to the needs of photovoltaic systems.

KRK and Zurich, together for your tranquility

Zurich Fotovoltaico

Thanks to the agreement subscribed by KRK Energy Service and Vicenza-based, Zurich Agency Spadavecchia & Partners srl, our clients can be covered by Zurich policy Solar Power all-risks.

What it covers

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The policy Solar Power All Risks protects operating PV systems, compensating from the following kinds of damage:

  • - direct ( for example caused by fire, natural events and catastrophes such as hail, earthquakes, floods);
  • - machine failure ( endogenous faults, electrical phenomenon, over voltage in the inverter);
  • - other causes (i.e. theft, vandalism and malicious mischief, terrorism and sabotage);
  • - Third Party Claims;
  • - undirect (financial loss due to reduced or lack of energy production following a direct damage covered by the policy).

Solar Power All Risks is an insurance product by Zurich Insurance plc – General Agent for Italy. The information leaflet and the insurance certificate are available at Spadavecchia & Partners srl Agency.

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