Photovoltaic plants maintenance

Why do we do maintenance on photovoltaic?

italian pv plant adjustment

Keeping a PV system efficient means, of course, keeping its output as high as possible for as many years as possible, while keeping plant shutdowns at minimum. These systems are exposed to the elements every day of the year, and they obviously suffer great stress. As the years go by, the likeliness of faults happening increases exponentially. This can increase the likeliness of plant shutdown and loss of energetic efficiency. PV system maintenance is at the heart of what we do. For years, we have been managing hundreds of systems of all sizes and kinds, and the experience matured in this field means that we can spot and solve any issue

For years we have been solving critical issues concerning the technical, administrative and bureaucratic aspects. Our idea of maintenance on photovoltaics can be compared to a clock, in which all components must work in harmony and synchrony with each other. Respect and punctuality of all technical and administrative legislations is one of our main strengths.

Roof-mounted PV systems

roof mounted pv system

For this kind of system, KRK suggest ENERGY SERVICE, the all-round maintenance contract for the whole system, which includes system monitoring with new or existing devices. All our contracts also include a thermography inspection on your PV modules.

Ground-mounted PV systems

photovoltaic park

This kind of system needs 24/7 monitoring and managing. As it generates a high amount of energy, all its components are under great stress. Click on the image to find out more about our Energy Service solutions.

Energy Production Checks

Would you like to know if your system is producing as it should? Here at KRK we can verify the performance of your inverters and modules.