cleaning your photovoltaics panels

Keeping your PV system clean

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Weather, dust and other elements can soil some of your PV modules. While this should not damage the modules, their production can decrease by as much as 50%. The solution is finding the right tools to clean the modules without damaging them.

Invisible shades

The dust that settles on the surface of the module forms a coat that may reduce the irradiation received by the photovoltaic cells. Sometimes this results in a level of irradiation similar to the ones of cloudy days or shady corners. However every plant, depending on its kind and location, may be more or less predisposed to getting dirty. Cleaning PV panels can also help detecting abnormalities on the surface of the modules. KRK’s advice is to carry out an inspection before taking any action.

Cleaning Procedures

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To clean your photovoltaic panels, KRK and their partners will use especially trained staff and a specific, UE certified machine which produces deionised water, purified from scales and chlorine. This purified water (maximum conductivity 0,1 uS/cm) is sent at low pressure to soft bristled brushes mounted on purpose-made, modular bars. I The staff receive relevant training on health and safety, and wear appropriate PPE (insulated, safety boots as per relevant regulation EN 20345; insulated, dielectric gloves as per regulation EN 60903 CE AZC, helmet as per regulation EN 397). Our primary insurance covers possible damages to the system, and possible financial damages caused by system shutdown and consequent loss of energy production.


We are available for a free inspection of your PV plant to suggest you the better solution.

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