System Testing and PV Module Inspection

Lifespan of photovoltaic systems

Lifespan  photovoltaic

A photovoltaic system is definitely an important financial investment. In order for this investment to be profitable, it is important that the system can produce as much as possible of its rated power throughout all its lifespan. A few years after the installation, however, some efficiency loss can be noticed. To a certain extent, this is expected, for instance when it is due to the normal wear and tear of the PV cells (about 20% in 20 years). Other reasons may be manufacturing faults or abnormal wear and tear of the components.

trial chart photovoltaic

Some of the questions that PV system owners should ask themselves are:

• Has my system produced the expected amount of energy?
• Can my system last through the incentives duration?

KRK Energy Service have the required tools and skills to answer these questions thorough tests and give clients detailed analysis of the PV system performance. Our engineers are fully qualified and in possession of the right tools to carry out a full diagnosis on the conditions of your system.

Our method of analysis on photovoltaic technology

Termocamera retro pannello

Thanks to our state-of-the-art thermal cameras we are extremely fast at detecting any potential overheating in the PV cells (hot-spot effect). This phenomenon may not necessarily lead to an energy efficiency drop, and that is why after detecting any malfunctions, we analyse the characteristics I-V that quantify energy loss. Finally, we perform an electroluminescence test on the PV modules, which allows us to detect where and why there is a decrease in the number of photons released in the cells. In this way our engineers can start an unquestionable return process back to the producers of the component, so that the client can avail himself of his warranty.

The importance of accurate tools

Strumenti di diagnosi

We calibrate our tools regularly to keep them as accurate as possible. Professional PV system testing requires advanced technological tools and highly skilled professionals. Thanks to all the devices we can avail ourselves of, we can perform thorough tests on the whole PV system. In this way we are able to calculate whether an inverter can convert all (or most of) DC energy coming from the modules into AC.