Repairing Scheuten and Sunways Panels

Sure fault and potential hazard

Scatola giunzione Solexus bruciata

Over the last few years hundreds of thousands of Scheuten panels with Solexus junction boxes were installed. Unfortunately, a design fault in the junction boxes was detected too late, and the panels were declared potentially fire risk.
Anyway, even without causing a fire, the electric arc between the contacts leads to wearing out and melting of the junction boxes. It would finally damage the panels and the whole string, causing the PV system owner further damages due to loss of energy production.


Termografia solexus

Unfortunately all Solexus junction boxes are potentially fire risk, and that is the reason why KRK Energy Service have geared up to sort out the issue safely and efficiently.
During the first semester of 2013 our engineers tested a few possible solutions to the manufacturing fault. Since July 2013 we have been ready to offer our clients a series of safe and effective solutions for every level of fault: from the overheated box to the permanently damaged one.

How to do

Solexus guasta

Be carefull to other simple way solutions! This issue can make serious damage to your plant and any things (and firstly persons) you have below of it.
Fill in our FORM and explain us your situation. We'll contact you as soon as possible to propose a suitable solution


Our technicians are been trained at Suncycle to repair Solexus and Sunways junction boxes. It means we're Able to guarantee a correct repair and release a repair certification that follows the SUNCYCLE specifications.