Bureaucratic Support


photovoltaic administrative management

The BUREAUCRATIC and ADMIN MANAGEMENT service completes the range on offer to KRK’s clients. We can provide assistance with liaising with the third parties involved with your energy plant ( GSE, Italian Customs, ENEL, etc.) regarding technical issues, documents, ordinary and extraordinary administration.

Post Connection

post connessione

With time, after your system has been installed and connected to the electric network, knowing and complying with your bureaucratic obligations is extremely important to guarantee maximum yield. For instance, a missing or incomplete form may lead to the suspension of Government’s incentives. Thanks to a team of experienced administrators, KRK offers you complete support, including telephone assistance.

KRK gives you tranquility


Laws and regulations, procedures, dealing with Public Administration. KRK can take care of everything and give their clients the peace of mind of not having to worry about the bureaucratic side of their system.

Legal Compliance A70 and A72

Does your plant needs to be adapted to A70 or A72 regulations? We are able to solve every paperwork to maintain your incentive without interruptions