Thermography for PV Systems

What happens in photovoltaic cells

Termografia fotovoltaico a tetto

TA few years after installation, some cells in the photovoltaic modules may start to develop faults. When this happens, the PV cell behaves like a reverse-biased diode, compromising energy production by all the other linked cells. PV module producers can install bypass diodes and manage to partly limit losses due to these events. However, 3 faulty cells are enough to compromise the energy generated not by one module, but rather by the whole string

Observation and Analysis

termografia fotovoltaico a terra

The hot-spot effect described above generates abnormal heating in the PV cells. The variation in temperature can go from a few degrees to several ones. In some cases, the drop in power generation has been found out to cause a loss up to 90%. It is not possible to observe these phenomena with the naked eye, and this is why KRK Energy Service use state-of-the-art thermal cameras to detect potential malfunctions on mono and polycrystalline modules.

The process

Hotspot su modulo fotovoltaico

After analysing the thermography images, our Level 2 certified thermographers will produce a report on the thermography inspection carried out on the modules. Moreover, thanks to advanced tests, such as the electroluminescence test on PV modules, we will test the malfunctioning modules directly. This will help our clients should they need to open a return claim to the producers.

Thermography included

All our maintenance contracts include a yearly thermography inspection on your PV modules. We also perform thorough analysis on your PV system, which include thermography, electroluminescence, performance testing.