PV system Warranty

Types of warranty

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PV system warranties are usually thought to be general covers against all types of faults and efficiency loss. Many owners of PV plants believe their system to be covered for 10 or 20 years. They also expect installers to be accountable for every failure that may arise during this timeframe. Unfortunately though, the installers’ warranty is usually short-term. This is the reason why it is important to clarify the specifications of the warranty, when insuring a PV system. Usually when the installation takes place, two types of warranty are issued
- Installer’s Warranty
- Component’s Warranty (inverter, modules, etc.)
The first one normally lasts two years and includes faults caused by installation or design, for which the installer is accountable. During this time frame the installer is also accountable for the warranty on the individual components (for example, if a component is faulty, it will be the installer’s duty to deal with the return of the component to the suppliers). The producer of the components applies the second type of warranty to his products. Its cover can last from 2 to 25 years (as, for instance, for some brands of micro inverters).

How to make a claim

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Making a claim to the producer is not always straightforward. Generally speaking, the longer the warranty lasts, the harder it is to make a claim. For example, in order to open a return claim, some producers of PV modules require a certification on the performance of said modules. Postage charges for sending modules to their producers are paid by the customer. Some other producers require the customer to purchase new modules, which may be refunded after their inspection of the returned modules and their (semi) final verdict.

Our experience for your needs

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Throughout the years, KRK have handled about one hundred different cases of returns, opening up direct communication channels with many producers. Our clients can benefit from our experience in managing warranties for components and repairs, even when installers or producers are no longer available.